Cleanroom Apparel and Work Uniforms: Keeping Your Business on Point


Cleanroom Apparel and Work Uniforms: Keeping Your Business on Point

When it comes to work uniform supply, Prudential Overall Supply Company is the go-to supplier in the work apparel business. They have built up a reputation, through years, of great customer service and of always offering great products at competitive prices. Their work uniforms and their business model helped revolutionize the hospitality industry. Before Prudential Overall Supply Company opened their doors over 75 years ago, restaurants and other hospitality-based businesses were required to buy their own uniforms for their employees. This meant that even if you were a new, smaller business, you would have to pay the same amount of money as a big business to ensure that you had the same consistent image and professional appeal.

Prudential revolutionized the industry by offering work uniforms that could be rented or leased. This way the businesses would not have to incur the cost of work uniforms right off the bat. Prudential also helped to revolutionize the cleanroom work apparel industry. A cleanroom is a controlled environment that has a limited number of contaminants.  Cleanrooms are typically used in the biochemical and biomedical engineering fields of research.  Every day new and life-saving treatments are discovered in these clean rooms. That is why it is so important that cleanrooms remain clean. Prudential offers  certified cleanroom garments that can be used in cleanrooms and can be verifiably identified as cleanroom-safe. These cleanroom garments can be re-used many  times, and Prudential will monitor the number of times these garments have been cleaned, to ensure that they are always effective and safe for cleanroom use.