4560 E2 Foamfresh® Sanitizer Cleanser

E2 FoamFresh® Sanitizer Cleanser is made for use in the Food Service Industries. E2 is a one-step hand wash that effectively reduces bacteria on the skin without the need for pre-wash.

Product Details

  • Helps support compliance with good hand hygiene practices
  • Meets USDA regulations and requirements for food processing environments
  • Excellent skin compatibility
  • Mild yet effective hand wash for high-risk areas
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Dye-Free
  • Perfect for frequent hand washings
  • Active ingredient: 1.25% Benzethonium Chloride
  • For use with: 9921,9921W,9921BB,9921BW dispenser 9729 soap stand
  • Factory sealed pouches so there is no chance for contamination
  • Pump comes with every 1,000ml pouch
  • Keyless locking in manual dispenser. Key required in automatic dispenser
  • Dispenser available in black or white
  • Economical: Delivers more than 1,300 hand washes
  • 1000ML


Material Safety Data Sheet


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