2017 Workplace Rules for Business: Examples of Positive Behaviors at Work

It’s easy to say that employees must behave in a workplace appropriate manner, but how isworkplace appropriate” defined in today’s modern office? Below, we’ll discuss a few simple rules and positive business behaviors for 2017.

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Employees Should Dress Appropriately

One of the most basic workplace rules is to dress appropriately for a professional office. Even if a company has a relaxed, business-casual dress code and/or casual Friday, it’s still important for employees to make sure their outfits are within the rules and acceptable for the workplace. Employers should make sure that all employees have easy access to the most updated version of the company dress code, preferably hosted in a single, easily-updated location on a company website or server.

In general, employees should make it a practice to avoid anything that might be construed as “too casual” and avoid wearing anything that’s particularly revealing. Women’s necklines should not plunge too far down and men’s shirts should be properly fitted, with sleeves. Sleeveless dresses and shirts may be appropriate for women, depending on the company’s guidelines, but spaghetti straps may not be appropriate.

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Uniforms are a good way to ensure that all employees always have appropriate workplace attire at hand. Requiring all employees to wear the same company-branded uniform during their shift removes all doubt as to whether an outfit is acceptable. Professional work uniform companies can help business owners develop the right look for their employees, from shirt styles and colors to custom-designed logos.

Professionalism Should Be Maintained in All Business Interactions

While employees should be encouraged to develop good relationships with their coworkers, it’s still important for everyone to maintain at least a base level of professionalism while in the office. Having a conversation about stress at home, kids’ accomplishments, personal interests, etc. is perfectly appropriate workplace behavior, but gossiping about coworkers and telling off-color jokes are examples of inappropriate workplace behavior.

Likewise, any conflicts—work-related or otherwise—should be resolved in a professional manner through direct conversations, compromise, and/or HR mediation, not with yelling or passive-aggressive emails.

Productive Conversations Should Replace Complaints

No matter what the job, it can be difficult to avoid complaining from time to time. However, making complaining a regular habit can undermine one’s professional appearance in the workplace. Instead of complaining about workload or other elements that may be perceived as unfair, employees should take the initiative to come up with alternative solutions or professional suggestions and present them to the appropriate higher-ups.

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