Clean Room Garments and Supplies

Clean rooms exist across America, and help people and manufacturers make innovative products every day, but not everyone understands how clean rooms work. Clean rooms are typically used for scientific research (like experiments, or making new, lifesaving medications). These rooms are called clean rooms because they are controlled environments that have low levels of air pollutants and chemical vapors that naturally exist in our environments.

These environments help scientists isolate bacteria and viruses, and monitor how they react to medications and antidotes. These results are then used to create new types of medicine that help us stay healthy as a society.  Clean rooms are used in hospitals across the world, to prevent contamination.

Part of the clean room process is to ensure that anything entering the clean room won’t contaminate the environment. That means that any products entering must meet certain regulations. Likewise, people entering these clean rooms must wear appropriate clean room garments that protect the environment from natural contaminants that are constantly being emitted from humans (like skin particles, hair, etc.).

There are certain companies that sell clean room products — items that have been deemed safe for cleanroom use. One of these companies is Prudential Overall Supply Company, which has been a trusted supplier for clean rooms, as well as other businesses, for decades.

Clean room apparel must be certified, in order to ensure that the room and the items in the room are not contaminated from an outside source. Prudential Overall Supply Company offers a variety of styles and options for clean room garments that can help any business that owns and operates a clean room to ensure that their clean environment remains clean.