Cleanroom Services: Prudential Standard

Prudential Cleanroom  Services, also known as PCS, have provided clean room apparel and services since 1960. Prudential clean room services are a subset of Prudential Overall Supply Company, which has been around for over 75 years, and they are dedicated to supporting and sustaining critical environments.

These critical environments, otherwise known as clean rooms, are important to advancing many different specific fields. For instance, the industries of bioscience, biomedicine and pharmaceuticals, as well as aerospace engineering, medical device engineering and other manufacturing companies rely on clean room environments to conduct their experiments.

Operating in these clean rooms or other controlled environments requires a specific level of cleanliness that involves limiting the number of contaminants in the clean room.  This is done through specific clean room garments or apparel. In addition to sterilized clean room supplies, Prudential Overall Supply Company, in conjunction with Prudential Cleanroom  Services, has helped influence the way the clean room industry operates.

Traditionally, clean room apparel and clean room supplies were used once, and then discarded. With advances in technology, clean room garments have been engineered to sustain multiple uses  with proper cleaning procedures. Prudential (PCS) keeps track of the number of times that a clean room garment has been laundered, ensuring that the garment is safe for this controlled environment. Being able to safely reuse clean room garments allows for Prudential to further their sustainability  initiatives and help the environment.