Full Service Cycle: Work Apparel Cleaning with Prudential Overall Supply

Prudential Overall Supply Company boasts a wide selection of comfortable and versatile work uniforms. But they also offer the complete service cycle, which provides a scheduled pick up from your business. Upon pick up, and after processing, once all of the items are accounted for, you will receive a detailed list of everything that was picked up, to ensure inventory control.

Once they arrive at the Prudential laundry facilities, the items are sorted based on fabric and type of soil sustained. Everything is washed according to the type of soil and fabric, and then dried using energy-efficient equipment. They even offer executive pants pressing, as well as shirt pressing for ALL shirts. Any garment that needs to be repaired will be repaired before being returned to you. Each garment is then tagged for identification and redistributed to your specific location.

Prudential Overall Supply Company can provide this full cycle service for most any uniform that they offer, including clean room garments, which must be cleaned to specific industry standards  to ensure that they remain safe for the clean room environments. Making sure that your clean room garments have been laundered properly is an important part of maintaining a cleanroom.

Prudential Overall Supply keeps organized records of the garments and work uniforms that they clean, which can help keep your company on track and ensure that your clean room garments are not over-used and that the work uniform quality is never compromised.