Going Green with Reusable Textiles

Even if you personally aren’t interested in going green, you can’t ignore how much impact this step can have on a business. Beyond making healthy choices for a cleaner planet, going green can increase production as well as sales. You can get your employees involved and draw in customers who might otherwise never look your way. From something as simple as renting official uniforms to organized recycling efforts, your company will reap multiple benefits from a green environment.

Going Green with Reusable Textiles

Consumers Appreciate Companies Going Green

Consumers are paying attention to what companies do now more than ever before, and the green movement is just one element of this process. They prefer to buy from companies that make an effort to go green. And those companies reach an audience that prefers to buy from innovators that demonstrate some level of concern for the environment. Below are just a few ways that you can make an effort to reuse textiles as a means of going green in your business:

  • Rent uniforms for employees. This involves reusing textiles in the form of clothing, and it makes for a great tax write-off for the company.
  • Wearing uniforms also help the company create a more professional look that employees and clients alike will respond to.
  • Use cloth shop towels in the factory instead of disposable wipes or towels.
  • Send uniforms, towels, and other reusable products for cleaning with a company that is Clean Green TRSA certified.

Employee Involvement

You can make even more of a difference by getting your employees involved. They can wear their shop uniforms, but they can also get them cleaned through a green cleaning company that you coordinate. They can also contribute their own ideas so that they feel like they are a part of something rather than just following orders.  A few examples could include:

  • Install bins to hold production scraps that can be recycled.
  • Run green contests where employees can submit their ideas for using green methods.
  • Do some reusing of your own by turning scraps and textiles into something else.

Indirect Benefits

On top of all the benefits you’ll enjoy once consumers realize that you are going green with reusable textiles, you can also expect a growth in production. By letting your employees get involved directly, you make them feel as if they are part of something bigger than just another job. They will be happier for it and more motivated to complete the tasks at hand. Since word of mouth is still the best method of marketing, you will reap even more benefits as your employees spread the word about your efforts to go green, as well as your efforts to make your employees a bit happier at work.

Going Green