How to Keep a Clean Room Contaminate-Free with These Cleanroom Cleaning Tips

With the COVID-19 pandemic on everyone’s minds these days, it is important more than ever for all businesses, including clean rooms, to ensure cleaning and sanitization methods are conducted regularly to keep areas contaminate-free.

For our purposes, we will be looking specifically at cleanrooms and cleanroom cleaning. However, these fundamental tips could be used for grocery stores, retail stores, manufacturing plants, restaurants and other businesses that want to improve their cleaning and sanitization habits.

Tip #1: Wear the Proper PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

Before entering a cleanroom, you need to make sure that you have access to the proper PPE. This includes a cleanroom bunny suit, goggles, booties, and face masks. Make sure to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water before putting on PPE.

doctor wearing ppe suit and face mask

Tip #2: Remove the PPE Correctly and Carefully

When leaving a cleanroom, make sure to promptly remove the PPE using a top-down approach. Any potential contaminants tend to be pulled down by gravity.

For reusable garments, place them carefully into the soiled bag while still having your gloves on. Remove protective gloves last by turning them inside out and disposing of them in the proper waste bin. Now wash your hands with soap and water.

Tip #3: Clean and Disinfect Frequently

The cleanroom also needs to be cleaned and disinfected to reduce the risks of contamination. There are different types of cleanroom supplies that can be used for cleaning and disinfecting. Make sure to be careful when taking cleaning items in and out of the clean room to limit potential contamination.

Tip #4: Make Sure Employees Are Trained on Cleanroom Cleaning Protocols

The most common way contamination occurs is from employees who are not trained correctly. They could bring in a dirty piece of equipment or cleaning item that was used elsewhere. They could remove their face mask while in the cleanroom because their nose itches.

Take the time to go over your cleanroom cleaning protocols, including the contamination precautions at entry and exit points, when taking cleaning products in and out of the cleanroom.

cleaner wearing protection uniform cleaning floor

Tip #5: Practice Proper Hygiene

Proper hygiene goes beyond washing your hands frequently and wearing PPE. It also includes ensuring that your employees bathe daily and do not wear any makeup, cologne, cosmetics, skin creams, or other such things that could cause contamination.

Tip #6: Have One Set of Cleanroom Cleaning Items Just for the Cleanroom

You should have specific cleaning products, equipment, and other such items that are just used in the cleanroom. For example, with a reusable cleanroom mops, you would want to employ proper mopping techniques. Certain mops are designed for ceilings, walls, and floor cleaning to meet the specific cleanroom cleaning requirements.

By using these cleanroom cleaning tips, you are sure to reduce the risks of contamination. If you are looking for cleanroom products or cleanroom laundry services, please feel free to browse our website at or  contact Prudential Cleanroom Services at 800-767-5536 today!