Laundering the Smart Way – Making Good Business Choices

Prudential offers work uniforms and work apparel, in addition to helping your company build an image. Prudential offers laundry services for these work uniforms. Prudential Overall Supply offers a great, efficient system for laundering work apparel and work uniforms. There are several aspects that make Prudential a top choice among busineses  for their uniform services. Their laundering facilities are operated under the Prudential name, to ensure that they provide the same level of satisfaction as all other aspects of the company.

They offer laundry services that are certified to be  environmentally friendly, to help you maintain your business in an economically and ecologically sound way.

It starts with a pick up from your desired location; a Prudential representative will come out to the location and collect the uniforms that need to be cleaned.

Once they arrive at a laundry facility privately operated through Prudential, the laundry is sorted according to soil type, and cleaned.

After each garment is cleaned, specific items can be pressed, to ensure that they look great upon being returned to your business. If any repairs are needed for the uniforms, Prudential will make these repairs before delivery, helping you cut down on uniform repair costs, and saving your business time and money.

Prudential started out as a family business, and they have worked to maintain those same values as they have expanded.