Online Store: Prudential Uses Technology to Make Supplying Your Business Easier


Uniforms and Apparel

Prudential Overall Supply Company strives to offer their customers with an unprecedented level of customer service and care.  Since Prudential was established over 75 years ago, they have been putting their customers first. Prudential did this from the moment that they opened their doors. Initially, Prudential took on the cost of purchasing work uniforms. After purchasing the initial uniforms (and incurring the cost of this), Prudential was able to rent and/or lease these uniforms out to other businesses that might not otherwise have been able to afford work uniforms.

This allowed businesses to appear as professional as they were, even though they didn't have the capital to invest in the look of their employees. Work apparel isn’t something that is typically factored in when developing a business plan, but it does make all the difference. While it did take a few years before Prudential was able to make their initial investment back, ever since, they have been leading the way in renting and leasing work apparel.

This dedication to their customers has continued, leading to the success of their company. Prudential works with businesses to ensure that they're receiving the supplies that they need, in the amount that they need, when they need them. Whether you own an automotive repair shop and need automotive uniforms or coveralls, or you have started a restaurant and need linen napkins and service uniforms, Prudential Overall Supply Company can help you come up with a solution to your business needs.

Prudential can help you make a decision about the color fabric or style of uniform that you're looking for. Prudential’s dedication to you as a customer helps your business grow.  Be sure to check out Prudential's website for a complete list of other services and how they can help you develop your business.

Online Store: Prudential Uses Technology to Make Supplying Your Business Easier