Prudential Always Innovating Their Customer Service


Uniforms and Apparel

Prudential Always Innovating Their Customer Service

Prudential Overall Supply Company has been working to make sure their customers are satisfied with their work uniform apparel since they opened over 75 years ago. Their website offers a look into their offering  and how their company works. You can browse their uniform selections, for everything from the automotive industry, to corporate and service industries.

Their easy-to-use website makes online ordering easy and simple. You can browse their company history or how Prudential Overall Supply Company is active in the clean green movement. They have a customer portal that allows you to filter reports and costs, as well as check on points of delivery, and more. Customers can view their inventory at a glance, or check to see what uniforms will be available, in what departments or delivery points, and at what time.

Potential customers can browse through renting, leasing or purchasing programs , and current customers can view their invoices and statements. Their  catalog gives you a great idea of not only the work uniforms that they supply, but the other supplies that they offer. Prudential specializes in clean room services, such as clean room garments and mops and goggles.  Their website is complete with educational videos, including videos about their company history and videos about their reusable textile and related  services.

Prudential has always worked with their customers to provide the highest level of service at competitive prices. Be sure to check out how Prudential Overall Supply can help your company grow.