Prudential Overall Supply: A Different Kind of Uniform Company

Since it was established, Prudential Overall Supply Company has put their customers first. Prudential opened its doors over 75 years ago, and offered a new approach to the way that businesses viewed the work uniform. Work clothes and work apparel help bring about a sense of professionalism in any establishment and, when Prudential was first founded, this level of professional appearance was only possible if your business had the capital to purchase uniforms outright from the supplier. It didn’t matter what type of uniform or business — medical uniform, coveralls, work boots — the model at the time required this initial investment in work clothes.

Prudential focuses on making sure that their clients are happy and that the products they deliver are up to par. Their laundry services, available for a number of the supplies and uniforms that they provide, focus on using less energy and water, all the while still providing their clients with the cleanest possible work clothes. Prudential also ensures that they work with their customers, so that they get exactly what they need when they need it. Prudential Overall Supply has made it their business to keep their customer’s happy, and if you have any questions about their services or the products that they offer, be sure to check out our website, or call one of their friendly representatives to see how Prudential can help you streamline your business.