Prudential Overall Supply Company: Leading the Industry and Working with Businesses


Uniforms and Apparel

Prudential Overall Supply Company: Leading the Industry and Working with Businesses

Prudential Overall Supply Company was founded in 1932. They helped to revolutionize the work apparel industry and how businesses rent and supply uniforms for their employees. In 1943, Prudential Overall Supply Company began their program of renting work uniforms to different businesses. While this practice cost Prudential more money in the beginning, it helped their clients save.

Renting uniforms, as opposed to buying them, allowed businesses the opportunity to look professional at a low cost price. By 1957, Prudential had already been a business for 25 years, with a glowing reputation among their clients and customers – something that they have always strived to maintain.

And in 1968, with the introduction of poly-cotton fabric blends to their line of work apparel, work uniforms became more comfortable and easier to take care of. While Prudential has been able to achieve success throughout their years, they continue to always strive for more. They extended their business out west to include California and Arizona in the 1970s.

Today, Prudential can help you manage your business (the supplies and work apparel that you need) online! Maintaining this overall look for any company has never been easier, because Prudential Overall Supply Company keeps track of your orders in your inventory. Be sure to check out their website, or ask a friendly member of their customer service team how Prudential can work with you to help your business grow.

Prudential also leads the way in clean room services, providing cleanroom garment  solutions for the medical field and for biochemical engineering. Prudential Overall Supply Company has been dedicated to their clean, green movement, which helps cut down costs for businesses while helping the environment.