Prudential: Using Technology to Make Services Better

Prudential uses technology to ensure their customers are satisfied. They have always had a clear motto: to ensure that their customers understand their abilities and limitations as a supplier, but most importantly, that they will follow through on their word, as well as provide competitive, fair and equal prices for the services offered.  This attitude of putting customers first, while also providing a great product, has made Prudential a leader in the uniform supply industry.

Since it was established, the company  has been following this business model. And these practices are known as the Prudential advantage. The idea is that supplying the customer with great service and quality product is more important than anything else.

Prudential Overall Supply Company has been in business for over 80  years. It started out as a simple, one-truck business. They provide state-of-the-art unparalleled customer service. Ordering is easier than ever — visit their online stores or speak to one of their customer service representatives on the phone. They provide great and detailed pictures, along with videos, to explain the benefits of their products and services over others.

Uniform rental using their modern technology allows Prudential customers the advantage of quality uniforms at reasonable prices in a competitive marketplace.

Uniforms help convey a unified business image, responsibility, and, most of all, they help inspire confidence and trust. Uniforms can also help establish a company image or company identity. Having a visual presence is more important than ever in today’s marketplace — a well-designed uniform can help promote company slogans.

Prudential also helps their customers save by providing uniform repair, which can be costly.

Prudential: Using Technology to Make Services Better