Quality Service and Supplies – The Prudential Overall Supply Way

The food service industry thrives off of good food, inviting atmosphere and great customer service. There are many other things that account for the way that a restaurant is run, the work uniforms and the company that provides basic supplies to the restaurant.

For a restaurant to be in a situation where there are no available, clean utensils for guests to use is almost unheard of, at least in an established restaurant with staying power. Ensuring that a restaurant has all of the supplies that it needs is made easier through Prudential Overall Supply. Not only does Prudential Overall Supply provide a variety of work uniforms that are perfect for the service industry, chefs’ uniforms, aprons and industry specific  shirts (if you want your wait staff to wear your restaurants logo), but they offer other products and supplies to help run a restaurant. Everything from bathroom supplies to mats (that help reduce moisture on the floor), to towels and napkins.

Owning a restaurant with cloth napkins helps elevate the level of dining and also helps protect the environment. Prudential Overall Supply offers services that will provide napkins, as well as a service that will wash, clean and drop off napkins at your place of business. Their napkins come in a variety of colors.

In addition to cleaning your napkins, Prudential Overall Supply can also clean your aprons and other elements of work clothing. Having the supplies that your restaurant needs, when you need them, helps ensure that everything else will run more smoothly, and gives you the peace of mind that your establishment will always be stocked and ready for business.