Spring Clean 2018 in Your Workplace

Microfiber Cleaning Mop

Spring has finally come, which means business owners have sprung into action, created an office spring cleaning checklist, and started to tackle long-awaited spring cleaning. While it’s important to have a tidy workplace that shows pride of ownership, it’s just as important to have a clean company image. Make this spring the year you clean up your look and your physical space.

Here are some products you’ll want to purchase to spruce up your company:

Set the Right Standard with Your Employee Uniforms

For businesses that interact face to face with customers on a regular basis, providing employees with the proper uniforms and clothing is a must. Uniforms not only make your employees feel as if they’re part of one big team, uniforms also boost their sense of pride in the company and in their jobs.

spring cleaning checklist

For example, proper cleanroom garments are needed to protect the products and the environment  from bio-burdens and contamination.  Other must-have items include protective shoe covers, goggles and mops.

Aside from the image that uniforms portray, the proper clothing can also boost employee productivity.

Employees without proper clothing are often less effective at their jobs, resulting in decreased performance. At Prudential, we offer a variety of uniform and apparel options including men’s work clothing, industrial shirts, protective gear, outerwear, and even medical garments.

With the proper clothing, you can spring clean your company’s image, allowing customers to trust and recognize your brand.

Products for Workplace Cleanliness

A clean workplace not only sets forth the right message to your customers, it also boosts employee morale and happiness. Routine cleaning and access to proper workplace products improve retention and teamwork. Unsure of which products will best benefit your company? Here are a few to consider:

  • Proper Cleaning Supplies

A clean workplace minimizes the risk of employees or patrons getting sick. At a minimum, you’ll want to have multi-surface cleaners and antibacterial wipes. You’ll also want to invest in disposable gloves and microfiber cloths for safe cleaning. With these products, you can keep desks, office tables, and kitchen appliances free of germs.

Aside from standard cleaning supplies, you’ll also want to rent dust and wet mops and dust control items like rental mats. We offer a microfiber duster that can clean hard to reach places, ensuring you maintain a healthy air quality in the office.

Male Worker Cleaning Floor
  • Restroom Products

All workplaces must have restroom products for employees or patrons. To ensure a clean workspace, you’ll want to invest in various restroom products to maintain clean and professional bathrooms. Top items include:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hand soap
  • Air fresheners
  • Paper products
  • Trashcan liners

With these products, you can minimize the spread of germs and bacteria. A clean bathroom means a healthy workplace!

Paper Towel Dispensers

From Uniforms to Cleaning Products, You Can Count on Prudential Overall Supply

At Prudential Overall Supply, we specialize in providing products for a clean and safe workplace so that your company can achieve its potential and beyond. We not only offer cleaning products and cleanroom services, we also offer an industrial uniform rental service to make outfitting your employees more affordable.

While there are plenty of other uniform supply companies to choose from, if you want high-quality and guaranteed satisfaction, look no further than Prudential Overall Supply. Contact us today at (800) 767-5536 to learn more about our products and services.