The Prudential Advantage

Having a reliable partner to help make managing the detailed aspects of any business easier is why Prudential Overall Supply has been a leader in the uniform supply industry for over 75 years.
In a world where distributors and vendors seem to make promises that they can’t keep, it’s important that when you do decide to do business, you can rely on the company – as well as the products and the services they provide.
As an everyday consumer, doing your research on various companies is important, but as a business owner, looking to expand your clientele by outsourcing help or supplies, it is imperative that the business you choose to do business with is credible and time-tested.
Prudential Overall Supply Company has been in the business of supplies for over 75 years. Prudential offers a variety of supplies for all sorts of businesses throughout the United States.
Prudential is able to help business more easily manage their nationwide uniform rentals or work uniforms through their unique business model. Prudential offers a service in which a Prudential employee will arrive at your place of business to collect the dirty work uniforms. The Prudential employee will provide you and your business with a receipt for the exact number of items that have been picked up, and which will be returned, cleaned and repaired (if necessary).
Prudential offers a variety of different uniforms that can be used in almost any business, small and large alike. Spa uniforms can help an up and coming spa provide clients with the sense of serenity, knowing that the employees providing them with some much-needed relaxation are wearing clean and consistent uniforms.