The Prudential Standard: Commitment to Customers

Prudential Overall Supply Company was based on a business model and philosophy that the customer should come first. When they opened their doors for business over 75 years ago, they did so based on the premise that work apparel and work uniforms should be available to a variety of businesses. Prior to Prudential Overall Supply Company, businesses that wanted to create a sense of uniformity among their employees were required to purchase the uniforms themselves. This meant that they would be in charge of all repairs and covering all costs up front. Starting any kind of business can cost a lot in capital, and purchasing uniforms doesn’t always factor into the budget. When starting a new business, it is important to keep costs down, to ensure that your overhead is not too high. Taking on too much overhead can be a serious issue, and is a major reason that new businesses go under.

Prudential helped revolution the work apparel industry by changing the practice that was previously seen as the industry standard. Prudential Overall Supply Company started leasing and renting work uniforms to companies. That way, companies could keep their overhead costs down, and still offer their staff and employees uniforms to help increase their professional appearance.

Providing employees with work uniforms helps bolster an employee’s sense of self-worth, and helps make any business front look more uniform. This level of professionalism can help leave a great impression on customers and clientele. Prudential offers a variety of uniforms for different industries and different business needs.