Uniform Rental: The New Way to Look Good

For over 75 years, Prudential has been in the business of helping other businesses look smart and dress the part. Prudential Overall Supply Company offers a variety of different uniforms and a variety of different ways to obtain them. One of their most popular programs is the uniform rental service. Prudential Overall Supply Company helped develop the business model for uniform rentals — specifically in regards to work apparel — making it possible for a variety of different businesses to obtain work uniforms when they had previously not been an option.

Prudential has the experience and the reputation that you can trust from a uniform rental company. With Prudential uniform rental services, they provide professional cleaning and regular deliveries to pick up soiled uniforms or damaged uniforms. A friendly Prudential employee will arrive at your place of business on the same day of each week. From there, the Prudential representative will count the uniforms that require cleaning, make note of this number, and leave a copy with the customer in order to ensure the exact number of uniforms that left a business, over the same exact number that are returned.

This level of quality control and customer service is a signature of their business model. During the cleaning process of the rental uniforms, Prudential does inspection to make sure that every garment is up to standard; this way, if there is a repair to be made, it can be done onsite at a Prudential laundry facility. This ensures that the garment is clean and prepared before being returned to your business.  Making sure that your business and your employees look as good as they feel is part of the Prudential promise.