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Finding Your Voice: Women in Laundry Management

Nicole Palmer, a regional manager at Prudential Overall Supply, reflects on issues facing female managers.

We’ve all heard the phrase “It’s a man’s world.” Fortunately, with the sheer numbers of women on corporate and nonprofit boards and in public office on the rise, that’s beginning to feel less true.

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Release date: 05/25/2017

Contact: Jerry Martin, V.P. of Sales & Marketing (949) 250-4850 ext 275

Source: Textile Services Magazine

By: Jerry Martin, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Prudential Overall Supply

About the author

Jerry Martin is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Prudential Overall Supply, an industry leader in reusable image work and related textiles. Martin is also a member of the Textile Rental Service Association (TRSA) and currently serves as past chairman of the association's Marketing & PR committee. Through his work at TRSA, Jerry helped establish TRSA’s international standard for the Clean Green certification program.