Canyonero Mats


Product Details

Prudential’s Canyonero Exclusive Designer Mat Series. Designed to help you make “Great Impressions” throughout your business. Extra plush designer mats enhance your image,  hides soil and improves safety. Designed for lighter soil areas for businesses that are image conscious who want a consistent premium product.

Canyonero Mats GREY
9235 3’ x 5’
9245 4’ x 6’
9275 3’ x 10’


Canyonero Mats TAN
9236 3’ x 5’
9246 4’ x 6’
9276 3’ x 10’

Commercial Tan Canyonero Mats


National Floor Safety Institute

The mission of the NFSI is to aid in the prevention of slips, trips-and-falls through education, research, and standards development.

The NFSI is led by a fifteen-member Board of Directors representing product manufacturers,
insurance underwriters, trade associations, and independent consultants.

ADA Approved