Sustainable Gowning Protocol

The Zen of Cleanroom Laundry

  • Reusable vs. Disposable

  • Help drive sustainability programs by reducing consumable products (disposable coveralls, hoods, boots, masks, goggles, mops and sleeve covers) all items you throw away, and convert them to a reusable solution.


  • Disposable Garment and Related Supplies Savings

  • Projected Annual Savings >30% when switching to reusable supplies.


  • Procurement Savings

  • Time and overall cost reduction.


  • Capital Investment Savings

  • We stock it for you; unlike a disposable program, where you have to purchase and frequently manage inventories.


  • Inventory Management Savings

  • Validated Garment Tracking System.


  • Freight Savings

  • PCS routed deliveries.


  • Reduction Of Waste Cost

  • Disposable garments and related supplies.