Uniform Rental Service

Reusable textiles offer a clean green solution compared to home wash and disposable products. A full service uniform rental program from Prudential Overall Supply will provide uniforms and accessories and completely manage the many administrative and maintenance program elements.

Uniform Rental Services

First, Prudential will advise on the proper fabric, color, style and type of uniform best suited for the job.

Then, Prudential will individually measure each employee and issue a set of uniforms specifically for that employee.

If desired, Prudential will attach your company name or logo on the shirts, jackets and blouses. Prudential can even put the individual uniform wearer’s name on the shirt.

Prudential provides professional cleaning and will make regular deliveries (the same day each week) to pick up the soiled uniforms, inspect for damage, count soiled uniforms, note count on garment control list (GCL), leave a GCL copy with customer, and deliver a clean set of uniforms.

If one of your employees has gained or lost weight and their uniforms no longer fit, the Customer Sales Representative will measure the employee and return the next week with the proper sized garments.

During the cleaning process, Prudential will again inspect every garment, repair those that need mending and replace those that have become worn through repeated use.

Prudential maintains inventory control for each employee so that the customer knows at all times how many uniforms have been assigned. This is verified each delivery on the GCL.

All this is provided with no up-front investment by our customer.

Contact us and a Prudential Representative will provide more information about our Rental Service Program.