Garment Processing Service Cycle




Pickup Garments

Our STOCK program provides a service that is unique to the industry. STOCKED garments utilizing industry recognized fabrics that will allow for quick installation. This eliminates the long lead times that are common from cleanroom garment manufactures. A wide variety of sizes and industry accepted styles will be STOCKED for industry specific requirements.

Prudential Cleanroom Services’ automatic ordering level quickens the reaction time to our customers’ needs and ensures a complete and timely delivery.


Soil Inspection

100% inspection for any necessary repairs, and sorted by customers’ specified processing needs in ISO Class 8 controlled environment. Process performed on light tables to help inspector quickly identify actionable items.


Priority Repair Station

Prudential is committed to maximizing garment inventory life. PCS’ documented repair process fulfills this commitment, and repairs are tracked through GTS.


Wash Garments

PCS developed a customized pass through washing machine design which moves garments into the ISO Class 4 controlled environment after laundering. Washer internal drum surface areas are 316L stainless steel with Teflon seals and bearings. Deionized water is delivered through PVDF system. Computerized liquid injection system. Special processing requirements with segmented loads.


Dry Garments

Exclusively developed PCS customized pass through dryer design allows garments to move garments directly into ISO Class 3 cleanroom controlled environment.

Dryer internal drum surfaces are 316L stainless steel with Teflon seals and bearings.

Temperature & humidity controlled ULPA filtered @ 99.9995%.


Package Garments

Folding and Packaging is performed in ISO Class 3 environment.

Clean garments are folded, packaged, and sealed in preparation for testing and final distribution. Bags are hermetically sealed with easy open bags.


Quality Assurance

Overview of ISO Class 3 Quality Assurance Test Lab.

All process data collected within the lab is entered into a statistical process control (SPC) data base. Monthly SPC charts are maintained on all critical plant processes.

Quality Assurance Personnel perform ASTM F-51 testing using microscopic inspection technique; washloads are sampled and tested for particles and fibers; perform incoming product inspection; perform Helmke Drum Test. This method tests the total releasable particles on a garment.


Garment Testing

All PCS facilities have an ISO Class 3 Garment System Test Chamber (Body Box). The Body Box is available for our customers to use. During Body Box testing personnel engage in predetermined exercise. This test challenges the entire garment system for particle containment capabilities.


Final Garment Distribution

Packaged garments are sorted for delivery in an ISO Class 7 environment.


Garment Scan Out

Scanning outgoing cleaned, packaged and tested garments into the validated garment tracking system (GTS)


Customer Distribution

Garments distributed to end user gowning area as needed. PCS customers have never experienced an interruption in production due to a PCS delivery incursion.



Prudential CR Services Lot Dates

Aseptic customers are provided with validated sterile product dosimetrically released with a SAL 10-6.

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