Uniform Lease Service

With a Prudential uniform lease program, Prudential will provide the uniforms and the day-to-day management of the uniform program, with the customer responsible for the laundering of the uniforms.

Uniform Lease Services

Prudential will advise on the proper fabric, color, style and type of uniform best suited for the job.

Prudential will fit each employee with a set of uniforms specifically issued to the individual employee.

If desired, Prudential will apply your company name or logo on the shirts, jackets and blouses. Prudential Overall Supply can put the individual uniform wearer’s name on the shirt.

Prudential will make weekly visits to pick up any of the garments that may be torn, missing buttons or worn out due to repeated wear. Prudential will return the following week with the repaired or replacement garments.

This is done with no up-front investment by the customer.

Contact us and a Prudential Representative will provide more information about our Lease Service.