How Healthcare Workers Can Prevent Carrying COVID-19 Home

Facility, Uniforms and Apparel

"Healthcare workers are regularly exposed to germs and, during the pandemic, at risk of being infected with the coronavirus. Many health professionals must care for COVID-19 patients. This leaves the possibility they can carry it home and transmit the virus to loved ones. However, with precautions and proper hygiene after a hospital shift, you can prevent that from happening. Here’s..."


Occupations That Require High-Visibility Uniforms

Uniforms and Apparel

"Which industries and professions benefit from high-visibility uniforms? High-vis clothing protects your employees and volunteers from accidents, especially in low-light or high-traffic conditions. This guide to occupations that require high-visibility uniforms can help you decide if the small investment in high-vis safety gear is the right one for your business or organization. While almost any work crew can benefit from..."


Wet Mop Use and Care

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"Wet mops remain one of the most effective cleaning implements for commercial facilities. They work for any material, with the exception being wood, laminate, and other water-sensitive flooring materials. However, you need to follow a wet mopping procedure that gets your floor totally clean. Mopping is generally preferred for kitchens, dining areas, and other high-traffic locations. It leaves a floor..."


How to Disinfect Stainless Steel in Cleanrooms and Labs

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"Stainless steel is commonly found in laboratory and cleanroom equipment and work surfaces. Cabinets, tables, benches, racks, and stools are just some of the objects that are frequently made out of this durable material. Austenitic stainless steel, including 304 and 316 grades, is noted for its non-magnetic qualities, and is the most generally seen type of stainless steel in these..."


International Women’s Day

"Meet Maria Castellanos De Cortez aka “Lupe”, CSR PO8 “I have worked here for over 5 years now. When I started working at Prudential I was folding aprons inside the plant. I was always eager to learn new things and asked to work various roles in Production. One day I found myself as a single mom and that’s when I..."