The Up-and-Coming Tech Industry in Las Vegas

Cleanroom, Uniforms and Apparel

"When you partner with Prudential Cleanroom Services for your cleanroom and apparel services, you partner with a brand that has been servicing tech companies in Nevada and surrounding areas since 1960. Over the years we have become an internationally recognized controlled environment supplier of sterile apparel and uniforms for bio-science, pharmaceutical, medical device, aerospace, and semiconductor companies. In a state..."


Top Advantages of Uniform Branding

"No matter your line of business, a company uniform is one of the most easily recognizable representations of your brand’s identity. The more people that interact with your uniform-wearing employees, the more exposure they’ll have to your company identity. More brand exposure means more familiarity in the long term, which is an essential aspect of the brand-building process. Branding your..."


History of the Automotive Uniform

Uniforms and Apparel

"There’s nothing quite like uniforms to emanate professionality and a unified workforce. In addition to this visual sense of unity, uniforms also perform essential functions for workers who wear them. The automotive uniform is an example of a garment that goes far beyond appearances and favorable impressions. We’ll tell you more about the history of the automotive uniform, why providing..."


How to Keep Employees Safe During Winter

"As winter approaches, temperatures plummet, days become shorter, and much of the country is plunged into icy weather marked by strong winds and snow. These conditions pose a unique set of challenges for businesses operating through the winter months as workers are often exposed to slippery workspaces, wet and slippery roads, and winter-related conditions like frostbite and cold stress. It’s..."


Women’s Uniform Styling: A Guide

"You spend at least forty hours a week at work, and there’s a good chance you have specific workwear. Considering how much of your day is spent in these clothes, you may be wondering how to style a uniform to make it your own. Looking Stylish and Professional Quality is key. You want to start with pieces that are made..."