Why You Should Use Cleanrooms for Research and Development

"Cleanrooms have long played a vital role in research and development efforts across a range of industries. Aerospace, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and many others rely on cleanrooms to maintain sterile, stable..."

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How to Remove Stains from Work Uniforms

"Messes happen, especially in industries like food service or automotive repair. Luckily, many common stains can be removed using products you already have in your home, from white vinegar to..."

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Improving the Efficiency of Cleanrooms: The Role of Pass-Through Chambers

"Cleanroom pass-through chambers, also known as pass-through boxes, are a crucial part of maintaining a sterile, efficient working environment. Despite this, many biotech, medical, engineering, and research industry businesses overlook..."

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The Science of Medical Marijuana: How Clean Rooms, Scrubs, and Lab Jackets Ensure Quality and Safety

"The popularity and acceptability of medical marijuana is constantly growing. For those within the industry, this is both a boon and a cause for concern, as the market is saturated..."

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How to Prevent Cleanroom Contamination

"Whether you are in the medical, bio-science, pharmaceutical manufacturing and other controlled environment, the work environment your employees and customers are exposed to must be safe and clean. Creating a..."

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Why Uniforms Are So Important in the Workplace

"Work uniforms have become the rule rather than the exception among American businesses in recent years. Today, more than 32 million Americans have to wear uniforms to work, and those..."