Why Prudential Uniform Services?

We are Different, and our differences are your Benefits. Check it out and you will see that we add up to the company you need.

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Clean Green Reusable Textiles

  • Prudential is a leader in the reusable textile industry. Prudential uses less water and energy in our process compared to home wash and disposables. Prudential outperforms carbon footprint reduction compared to industry average. Prudential is Clean Green Certified through TRSA.
  • Most others: Not committed to clean green movement. Industry average trails Prudential’s results.

Top Quality Manufacturer

  • We represent leading manufacturers to assure your team the best available quality and availability, coupled with leading edge offerings.
  • Most others: Vertical Supplier. Limited colors and patterns.

Customized Logos

  • Prudential has many logo options to help your brand look great: whether the technology is ink jet, embroidered, or PENN Edge, all are designed to enhance your brand image.
  • Most others: Standard Logos. Limited selection and application method.
Prudential's Price Guarantee Stamp

Price Guarantee

  • More than a good idea or just words: We Guarantee the established pricing on all rental items for a 1 year period.
  • No random price increases on rental, per piece charges.

SERVICE Guarantee

  • Ensures complete customer satisfaction, and guarantees service levels are met.

Direct Service

  • Our plants are independent operating facilities that are strategically located to provide fast, efficient, quality service. They augment each other in the event of an emergency. This means uninterrupted customer service.
  • Most others: Indirect Service. Most have one main plant serviced by unmanned, non-processing depots.

Customer Sales Representative

  • Your Customer Sales Representative is the link between you and our service facilities. They are qualified, experienced professionals with extensive supervised training and certification. All CSR ’s are equipped with PDA’s to accommodate real time customer response performance.
  • Most others: Driver Turnover. High driver turnover leading to inexperienced account management.

Inventory Control

  • The garments are delivered by the Customer Sales Representative to your location. All Garments are bar-coded and scanned, so you receive a complete account each week of what is delivered. This information can further be accessed by our Customers using Prudential’s Customer Portal located on our website. Prudential verifies that what was picked up is delivered as promised; cleaned, finished and repaired.
  • Most others: Bulk Handling. Losses can’t be traced and inventory can’t be controlled.

Quality Assurance Inspector

  • Prudential’s Quality Assurance Inspector process identifies needed Repairs, Replacements and Upgrades! The Quality Assurance Inspector is tasked with individually inspecting each garment before it is released. Garments needing repair are routed to the repair station and returned for distribution to be delivered on time. Having the Quality Assurance Inspector means that our customers have uniforms that are repaired, cleaned and ready for use each day; keeping them looking professional and ready to work.

Garment Replacement

  • We have written quality garment standards. Garments are replaced as needed.
  • Most others: No Replacement except at contract renewal.

Inspection & Repair

  • Ongoing inspection throughout the processing cycle ensures your garments received consistency in cleaning, finishing, mending and replacement.
  • Most others: Lack of Inspection. Garments are processed and delivered without individual inspection.

Eye-Opener Service Tag

  • Allows your employee to point out specific repair and service needs. The tag is attached to the garment throughout the cleaning process to ensure your repaired garments are delivered the following week. You remove the tag to ensure the repair was completed properly. Our system has been engineered to provide checking and double-checking of repairs. Prudential employs quality assurance inspectors to assure 100% complete delivery.
  • Most others: Random Repair. Unsophisticated methods which often lead to lost garments and incomplete deliveries.


  • Your shirts and pants are professionally steamed giving them a superior finish.
  • Most others: Steam Tunnel Method. Steam tunneled shirts provide an inconsistent and unfinished appearance.

Cost Control

  • Our invoices are complete and easy to understand. You get all the information you need to maintain cost control. And, our system can be customized to match your company’s individual needs. Invoices and statements can be accessed on-line using the customer portal.
  • Most others: Confusing Invoicing. Invoices that are coded for their own use and are often difficult to understand

Scheduled Service Review

  • Our Customer Visitation Service Check allows you to periodically grade us and our service. This ensures your satisfaction. We respond quickly if there is need for improvement and eliminate problems before they start. Prudential receives excellent Customer Satisfaction Scores that are posted on-line for each of Prudential’s serving facilities.
  • Most others: Crisis Management. May react after a problem occurs.


  • Garments are upgraded as needed.
Prudential's Budget Protection Plan Stamp

Budget Protection PROGRAM

  • Never pay an unexpected charge again for loss, damage, prep or lettering! Allows you to correctly budget your program costs.

An Open Invitation

  • We invite you to tour our service facilities. You can see for yourself our team’s standards for delivering the highest quality and individualized service for your team!
  • Most others: A Closed Door. Reluctant to offer tours.


  • 10 point checklist for a seamless transition.