Letter of Recommendation

It is a privilege that I write this letter in recommendation of Prudential Overall Supply, our primary vendor of uniforms and supplies. As a Certified Food and Beverage Executive with 25 years of experience in the Hospitality industry I have worked with many of Prudential type competitors throughout the United States. As a Hospitality Executive I have heard many promises and commitments made by similar service companies whose pledges and guarantees are short lived. After many years with competitor suppliers the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise made the decision to confirm Prudential Overall Supply as our primary uniform and supply vendor more than four years ago.

The decision to secure Prudential Overall Supply as our primary vendor has realized significant efficiencies amongst our network of casinos throughout our Enterprise. Our approach has always been to secure partners that demonstrate professional accountability and who can be relied upon to treat you like you are their only customer, when in fact this is obviously not the case. Prudential has been that vendor for the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise for more than four years. In the Hospitality industry professional relationships with suppliers and vendors are critical to our business and on-going success. Prudential has continuously exceeded our expectations whether in their pricing model, sense of urgency or most importantly their interest in holding on-site in person communications. Ed Smith and the Prudential team make agreements and commitments that we depend upon with an untarnished and impeccable record of keeping to their obligations. Our benchmarks at all of our five properties in both Arizona and New Mexico are extremely high and can be overwhelming for some however, Prudential Overall Supply has been a breath of fresh air in this often-crowded field.

– Erik Mrdak, Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise