Garment System


Snaps to adjust sizing.



Provides maximum contamination control, comfort and mobility. PCS requires the over locking/surging of cut or raw edges. This helps to minimize the potential of a cut panel fraying and protruding through the seam. Since cleanroom polyester fabric is made from long continuous filament yarn, there can be an “angel hair” type fraying that is a result of fiber separation at the edge of a cut panel. If over locked/surged, the cut panel is encapsulated by the thread. The typical size (STOCK garment sizing) for the PCS coverall is generous. It is at the high or generous end of the industry standards for coverall sizing. This should insure a more comfortable fit for the wearer. These same statements can be made for all of our garments.


Available in many sizes with molded soles or soft hypolon soles. PCS has been a long time innovator in boot design. While most of our competition uses a single ankle strap design, we provide a better fitting boot by adding extra webbing. The extra webbing (refer to styles TW, D3, D3C) makes the outer boot more comfortable to wear since it holds to the shoe more efficiently. In addition, we invest in the longevity of the boot by using a corona fender material on most hard sole designs. Many of our competitors choose to not add a corona fender which will lead to a shorter boot life span and a faster replacement charge.

Cleanroom Garment Labels


Garment Tracking System

Cleanroom Garment Labels


Label format can easily be read by user.

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