Industrial Protective Workwear & Apparel

Workers in virtually any industrial setting can potentially be exposed to a variety of hazards. From protecting against splashing chemicals to ensuring safe movement in areas with low visibility, the proper protective fabrics and apparel are crucial in maintaining a productive work environment. Prudential Overall Supply carries a wide variety of pants, work shirts, lab coats, and other industrial protective clothing that will protect your workers from the everyday risks of an industrial setting.

We have a selection of fire-resistant (FR) clothing—including FR jackets, pants, and coveralls—as well as welding clothing and high-visibility clothing. Our hi-vis work shirts and related safety reflective clothing, jackets, pants, and vests are ideal for environments where poor lighting conditions can lead to accidents. In addition, our flame-resistant uniform and protective workwear rental program allows you to obtain this apparel at a reasonable price. Lease options are available as well for our protective apparel.

To see our extensive selection of high-visibility and reflector jackets, flame-resistant work garments, and other personal protective equipment (PPE), feel free to browse our online catalog.

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