Complete Service Cycle

Prudential Overall Supply is proud to serve our customers. This page captures the many benefits Prudential Overall Supply customers receive. The extra attention to quality and detail for service highlights like shirt pressing, multiple inspection points, in-line repair and on-time weekly deliveries equate to best-in-class customer satisfaction and retention.

1. Pick Up

Your customer Sales Representative carries a device to facilitate any service adjustment requests. Our digital method of managing your account allows us to quickly and securely store your service information. The invoice is completed on the device allowing your CSR to make requested adjustments on-site. An authorized signature is then captured.

2. Soil Sort
Soil Sort

Type of fabric. Type of soil. Special process needs.

3. Washing

We process by soil classification. Computerized water wash equipment.

4. Drying

The drying process is conducted by utilizing energy efficient equipment calibrated to gain maximum garment life.

5. finished Pants
finished pants

Professionally finished.

6. finished Shirts
finished shirts

Professionally finished.

7. In-Line Repair
In-Line Repair

The garment repair stations are located within the flow of the press line. The eye opener repair tag allows your employee to point out specific repair and service needs. The tag is attached to the garment throughout the cleaning process to ensure your repaired garments are delivered the following week. You remove the tag to insure the repair was completed properly.

8. Individual Garment 2d barcode id
Individual Garment Identification
9. Quality Inspector
Quality Assurance Inspector

Prudential employs final repair Quality Assurance Inspectors to assure 100% complete delivery.

10. Distribution

By your account number, delivery day, route and employee ID numbers.

11. Delivery

The garments are delivered by the Customer Sales Representative to your location. The garment barcode verifies that what was picked up is delivered as promised; cleaned, pressed and repaired.

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