Prudential has played a pivotal role

On behalf of International Medication Systems, Ltd. (IMS) and Amphastar Pharmaceuticals Inc., we are proud to partner with Prudential Overall Supply and Cleanroom Services. Prudential has played a pivotal role in our development and manufacture of sterile injectable, topical, and inhalation pharmaceutical products as a whole business unit.

Many of our products are Critical Care Drugs (CCD) and have become the industry standard due to our innovation in prefilled disposable syringes. As a result, acting as a combined business unit with all our facilities, we supply our nation’s emergency room crash carts with several lifesaving medications such as epinephrine, atropine, naloxone, and many more – just to name a few – in addition to our inhalation products such as the only FDA approved Over-the-Counter (OTC) asthma inhaler, Primatene Mist®.

As IMS is located in South El Monte, CA, Prudential’s impact carries far and wide to our headquarters and parent company facilities, Amphastar Pharmaceuticals, where several other innovating drugs are researched, developed, and manufactured.

Where often the supply chain has often been constrained in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and its continued lingering ripple effects, Prudential has been a reliable and vital business partner. Without delay, we were able to both juggle in maintaining current demands while at the same time, expand our current cGMP manufacturing capabilities to meet the increased demands.

Nonetheless, and in part due to Prudential’s Sandra Marts and the rest of her team at the Commerce plant, advancing patient health has been a smooth journey. Many of the products we make are listed on the FDA’s Drug Shortage List, meaning that the overall market with our competitors have faced difficulties in supplying patients with the Critical Care Drugs that patients desperately need. Thanks to Prudential’s steadfastness, we have been able to consistently supply patients in need of these medicines. The Commerce Plant should stand proud that their impact has helped played a pivotal part in many patient lives. We look forward to cultivating several more years of opportunities to come.

– International Medication Systems, Ltd.