Do Disinfectant Foggers Work Against COVID-19?

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"  Yes, disinfectant foggers for COVID-19 can help sanitize your facility and provide protection. Coronaviruses can remain suspended in the air and last on surfaces. The risk of infection from surface contact is low compared to breathing in virus particles. However, touching a contaminated surface and then your face can lead to a person becoming infected. The Centers for Disease..."


How Healthcare Workers Can Prevent Carrying COVID-19 Home

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"Healthcare workers are regularly exposed to germs and, during the pandemic, at risk of being infected with the coronavirus. Many health professionals must care for COVID-19 patients. This leaves the possibility they can carry it home and transmit the virus to loved ones. However, with precautions and proper hygiene after a hospital shift, you can prevent that from happening. Here’s..."


Occupations That Require High-Visibility Uniforms

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"Which industries and professions benefit from high-visibility uniforms? High-vis clothing protects your employees and volunteers from accidents, especially in low-light or high-traffic conditions. This guide to occupations that require high-visibility uniforms can help you decide if the small investment in high-vis safety gear is the right one for your business or organization. While almost any work crew can benefit from..."


Commercial Cleaning Supplies Checklist


"Having the right cleaning supplies for your facility is essential. A sanitary, organized environment makes it safe for employees, customers, and anyone who occupies or visits the building. Here is a commercial cleaning supplies checklist, by location, to ensure you keep your space clean-looking, hygienic, and pest- and germ-free. Floor The floor is the most heavily traveled surface. Lots of..."


Wet Mop Use and Care

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"Wet mops remain one of the most effective cleaning implements for commercial facilities. They work for any material, with the exception being wood, laminate, and other water-sensitive flooring materials. However, you need to follow a wet mopping procedure that gets your floor totally clean. Mopping is generally preferred for kitchens, dining areas, and other high-traffic locations. It leaves a floor..."