Hospitality Technology Trends for 2019

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"Staying on top of current trends is vital for any business, but it is especially important for businesses in the hospitality industry. Whether you are a hotel, in the travel industry, or an airline, your ability to stay up to date with what’s hot now is crucial for your ongoing success. Enhanced Customer Service One of the biggest ongoing hotel..."


Great Tips for Successful Project Management

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"Deciding on how to get started on a new project does require creating a project management plan and sticking to it. If you just jump in with no established goals or objectives, your project will not turn out how you plan and may not succeed. Project management processes can be broken down into six phases or stages: Initiation Planning and..."


Safety First: Why High Visibility Safety Vests and Uniforms Are Important

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"High visibility safety vests and uniforms are essential in certain professions to ensure the safety of workers. Some of the more common types of jobs where high visibility clothing should be worn include: Construction Traffic Control School Crossing Guards Waste Collection Road Construction Emergency Services Parking Lot Attendants Tow Truck Drivers Airport Ground Workers Heavy Equipment Operators Railroad Workers Warehouse..."


Environmental Awareness: What Business Owners Should Know

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"Every year, business owners discover new benefits and convenient ways to be more environmentally friendly. Sustainable companies are trending away from disposable thinking and making use of reusable  cleanroom garments, reusable packaging, and recycled materials. In addition, there are benefits that go beyond increased efficiency and cost savings. There is also a relationship between a company’s reputation for being green..."


Protective Shoes and Safe Footwear: What You Should Be Wearing at Your Job

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"Every type of job, whether you are a corporate executive, retail sales associate, construction contractor, doctor, nurse, or food service worker, has its own types of required workwear and footwear. The type of footwear your employees should be wearing is largely based on the types of hazards found in the workplace. From protective shoe covers to special types of protective..."