Importance of Cleanroom Services

Cleanroom services are an essential component to enhancing your facility and workflow proficiency. The overall health and hygiene of your work environment determines the level of potential health and security risks your employees may be exposed to. In fact, cleanroom standards within the industry are known to meet very strict regulations due to the sensitivity of the environment. Pharmaceutical work environments, for example, must maintain very specific cleanroom standards, or the consequences may be very serious.

ISO Standardization

Generally, cleanroom standards are held by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO). Standardization requires a limit on the amount of particulates that are expected within the vicinity. The degree of this standardization varies based on the specific conditions within the cleanroom and its processes. ISO requirements are designed to protect the integrity of processing; ultimately, to keep consumers and workers safe.

Cleanroom Solutions

Cleanrooms vary in size, but in order to achieve an industry standard for safe and secured processing, the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) advises that all cleanrooms adhere to a professional procedure to ensure the overall sterility and well-being of the work area. Work surfaces, floors, and equipment must be cleaned thoroughly, and employees must wear protective clothing in accordance to these cleanroom standards.

Manufacturing, scientific, and medical industries generally utilize cleanroom services due to the complex nature of their processes, which often can be exposed to potential health and safety risks.  Cleanroom services help provide a controlled environment to reduce possible contamination, which, in turn, would compromise the delicate manufacturing process.

Here at Prudential Overall Supply, we provide clients with cleanroom services and products to enhance the safety measures needed to process and perform more proficiently within a sensitive work area. These solutions include:

Prudential Cleanroom Garment Systems

Importance of Cleanroom Services

Our cleanroom garments are designed to minimize all contamination risks while maximizing comfort and mobility. We require the over-locking of cut or raw edges to eliminate any protrusion of the seams. In fact, our cleanroom polyester fabric is protected by any fraying or fiber separation through the encapsulation of our cleanroom fabric thread. In addition, we offer a wide range of size options for our cleanroom garments, to ensure the comfort and flexibility of all employees.

POS Cleanroom Garment Process

cleanroom garmet

We are committed to maximizing inventory life for our clients. In fact, we implement a rigorous and detailed inspection and processing for all of our provided cleanroom garments and products. To optimize proficiency for a specific cleanroom environment, we adapt our cleanroom garment process to the individual needs of each client. Prudential garment professionals also examine and repair any damages or any minor distress of clothing that impairs the performance and safety of the cleanroom employee.

All Prudential Overall Supply facilities utilize ISO controlled environments to securely wash, dry, package, and assess cleanroom garment processing. These processes include:

  • Soil Inspection
  • Incoming Garment Scanning within our Garment Tracking System (GTS)
  • Priority Repair
  • ISO Class 4 Washing
  • ISO Class 3 Drying
  • ISO Class 3 Packaging
  • ISO Class 3 Quality Assessment
  • ISO Class 7 Sorting and Distribution
  • Outgoing Garment Scan within the GTS

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