Dos and Don’ts of Dressing for the Office

Depending on where you work, it can be difficult to determine what is and isn’t okay to wear to the office. While a men’s button down shirt is almost always acceptable, when is a tie not required? How about open-toed shoes for women?

Casual Business Dress for Men and Women

When you think “casual,” you think about the kind of clothing you can relax in at home. To that end, “casual” can mean several different things to many different people. However, there are some actual guidelines when it comes to casual business dress. Keep within these guidelines at least the first time you go casual at your place of employment. You can adjust them later on, once you get a chance to see what the most successful people at your job are considering casual wear.

  • Button down shirts: Whether it’s a men’s button down shirt or a woman’s button down blouse, these are safe bets for a casual business atmosphere. The only real difference is that you can skip the tie and/or jacket. No, a flowered Hawaiian shirt is not considered business casual just because it has buttons on it.
  • Open-toed shoes: Open-toed shoes are perfect for casual business wear, but skip the sandals and other casual items. Stick with flats, pumps, or heels whenever you’re in the office.
  • Include creases: Unless you wear corduroy, your pants should have a crease in them. Corduroy is fine, but skip the fun pair with prints. You can only take casual so far in the office.

Comparing Events

If you really have a hard time trying to decide what to wear to a casual business event, think about some of the other events you go to. For example, you might wear something different to a wedding than you would to the reception. You might dress more formal for a funeral than you would a viewing or celebration of life dinner. If you get dressed and you have to question whether you are dressed in a formal enough manner, you probably aren’t. However, even sweaters and light blouses can be considered casual business dress, depending on how they are styled. Avoid anything with loud prints or items that include a lot of ruffles or lace. Remember that your performance may not be judged by what you wear, but your stature may be judged based on it.

Trying to determine what to wear in the office can be difficult. It’s always best to err on the conservative side to prevent any issues with your supervisors, especially when first starting a new job. As you work with a group of people for a period of time, you will quickly begin to realize what is deemed casual dress in the workplace.

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