Professional Attitude and Workmanship

As one of the coordinators for the new business account between ORACLE FORD and PRUDENTIAL OVERALL SUPPLY I would like to thank you, Emerick and Orlando for the outstanding customer service.

I would like to commend Orlando for his professional attitude and workmanship. The new roll paper towel dispensers are a big hit. The old soap dispensers, attached to the mirrors, had to be removed and replaced with PRUDENTIAL OVERALL SUPPLY’S dispensers. The old dispensers were removed without any damage to the mirrors and the new dispensers installed with a professional appearance.

Orlando’s ability to communicate is clear, concise and professional. Before he left ORACLE FORD I was informed of the work performed, the supplies brought in and where the previous supplier’s equipment was left for their pickup. Orlando asked me to inspect the workmanship on the newly installed soap dispensers and asked if I had any questions, comments or concerns before signing the invoice.

In my opinion Orlando is an outstanding ambassador for PRUDENTIAL OVERALL SUPPLY and should be recognized by the company.

– Oracle Ford, Tucson, AZ