Towels in Hand, Smiling, and Polite

I called POS this afternoon and within the hour, Winson returned my call. I then called him back, explained my dire situation (being out of clean towels). The person who laundered my towels, commercially, quit and we were in dire straits. I couldn’t wait until Tuesday, the day after Labor Day for towels. So what did Winson do?

Winson exceed my expectations when he turned his car around (while en route to Menlo Park) and headed back to Milpitas to pick up towels for me, that minute. Then he stopped by my biz in Mtn View; towels in hand, smiling and polite.

Of course I was surprised that he would do this for me; I hadn’t even met him before. He had sympathy for my situation and wanted to give me service. A true humanitarian.

Thank you Winson and thank you POS for employing wonderful people who care for others and go above and beyond for their clients.

Thank you so very much!

– Ann, Valued Customer