We Can Count on Prudential

I just wanted to take a moment to mention the quality service we here at Sierra Nevada-SSG, Louisville, CO. are receiving. Recently our facility went through a NASA Audit and a finding from that audit was our lack of ESD testing of our smocks.

I was tasked with resolving this issue to clear that audit discrepancy. Placing a call to Edward Harrison (Our route MGR) to explain my problem resulted in a quick and informative explanation of ESD testing services provided by Prudential. Edward helped me setup a program and the ESD testing I required began with the next delivery. The nature of the aerospace industry dictates that I would need to maintain logs and information on the ESD testing that was performed. Edward went above and beyond setting up an email system from the Quality Dept in Mesa. I receive regular and prompt emails from Argenis Lopez and Ana White detailing which smocks were tested, the pass/fail status of those smocks and even the calibration due date of the testing equipment that was used. This is exactly the information I need to keep on file. My own Quality Dept, (Mission Assurance) is quite pleased on how quickly this audit item was resolved.

The snow storm last month affected the pick up and delivery of smocks at our facility. At the moment we have a limited supply of smocks in inventory but we have many projects going on. Edward is aware of our small inventory and drove our smock delivery to our facility as soon as the smocks reached the Denver area. This action meant that we did not have to risk cleanliness and ESD protection an additional week waiting for our normal delivery.

I receive prompt deliveries from the courteous drivers on our route. (Steve, Les and Tom) Route: 3-81 Acc# 956

These people I mentioned and those Prudential employees I haven’t met but work hard to insure our items are clean, patched, tested and delivered are highly appreciated for their effort.

As I mentioned before we have a lot of projects inhouse and times are quite busy, it is good to know that we can count on Prudential without a second thought. Prudential Cleanroom Services has proven to be a well oiled machine.

Great Job!

Thanks Again.

– Sierra Nevada Corp., Louisville, CO