3 Awesome Ways to Get Your Prudential Uniforms

When your business is in need of staff uniforms and services, it is important to work with a partner that gets you the results you need without breaking your budget. It can be expensive to get your new business off the ground – almost $100,000 in startup costs for retail and manufacturing companies, on average – and you also need to plan for your employee uniform program.

Working with Prudential Overall Supply gives you added flexibility so you get the apparel you need much more affordably. Here are three ways to do so:

  • Rent – Renting reusable uniforms allows your business to save money and resources while also managing your time more effectively.
  • Lease – Leasing your uniforms is similar to renting. The difference is that your business is responsible for the laundering of the uniforms, while Prudential Overall Supply takes care of any repairs.
  • Purchase – You also have the opportunity to purchase the uniforms you need at incredible prices. Prudential carries uniforms that are perfect for a number of industries, including medical, industrial, and hospitality.

Learn more about Prudential in this infographic or by contacting a representative today!

3 Awesome Ways to Get Your Prudential Uniforms
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