Brand New HACCP Products and Work Apparel

Hazard analysis and identifying critical control points (CCP) is highly important within any manufacturing or food processing environment. Prudential Overall Supply understands the need of food safety and the importance of sustaining a high standard for quality excellence in both food handling and processing. This is why Prudential has introduced a new line of HACCP work apparel, products, and services that are designed to support clean process goals and prevent the spread of contaminants and other foodborne pathogens.

Food Processing / HACCP Workwear

Brand New HACCP Products and Work Apparel

From HACCP coats, to smocks or shirts and pants, our new selections offer the essential supplies needed to eliminate health and safety hazards within the food processing environment. Aside from being available in a wide array of colors, sizes, and styles, the HACCP work uniforms are Clean Green Certified, which means these uniforms use significantly less water and energy through high-capacity washing, drying, and finishing equipment. These new workwear options include:

  • HACCP Coat / Smock / Butcher Coat
  • HACCP Shirt and Pant
  • Food Processing Shirt and Pant
  • Light Blue – Detail
  • Blue – Wet Use
  • Red – Biohazard
  • Yellow – Restroom
  • Green – Dry Use

Sanitation Solutions and Services

In our continued expansion into new HACCP products, Prudential Overall Supply also offers clients new and improved hand care products to accommodate any industry or environment. From restroom paper products to air freshener products, these sanitation solutions are compliant in meeting industry safety and health standards.

*In addition, for a limited time, Prudential Overall Supply is now offering FREE Centerpull dispensers when you sign up for Prudential Restroom Service

Microfiber Systems

At Prudential Overall Supply, we utilize microfiber systems within our new HACCP sanitation product line to enhance their efficiency and durability within the workplace. Microfiber technology is able to absorb 7 to 10 times its weight in fluid and is easier to wring out than synthetic or other conventional cloth products. Microfiber solutions drastically reduce waste through maintaining usability and health efficiencies.

Our new mop and towel solutions are available in many variations including pads, scrubbers, extensions, and more. The mops and towels incorporate microfibers, which utilize tiny angled fibers that gently extract grease, grime, and dirt from any surface. These are available in a variety of colors to help categorize while defining function. These include;

Facility Mat Solutions

Our new mat solutions are a great way to keep your work environment at its most efficient and safe for all employees. In addition, for only a nominal charge, our professional Prudential representatives can exchange used or soiled mats for freshly laundered replacement mats as often as needed. All of our new mat products include specialized ADA-compliant features like Flow-thru design, anti-skid textured backing, circular comfort zones, and much more. These mats are NFSI certified and are designed to increase productivity, comfort, and safety.


At Prudential Overall Supply, we are happy to provide clients with professional quality products and services to help promote sustainability, safety, and overall health within all industries. We understand the importance of maintaining safety and health within the food processing industry. This is why we’ve partnered with leading world-class manufacturers to deliver the most innovative and durable products to our clients. Our products are manufactured and designed to eliminate health and safety risks at all levels within the workplace. Visit our service options today to learn more!