Buy, Rent, or Lease – Choosing the Right Uniform Program for Your Company

When it comes to employee work uniform programs, you have a few options to choose from. Deciding on which uniform service is right for you comes down to your specific circumstances as an employer. Keeping in mind your job requirements, safety conditions, employee turnover, and environment, here’s a look at the three major categories of uniform services:


Buying work uniforms directly for each of your employees will give you the most flexibility, when it comes to choosing, designing, and running your uniform program. Buying a uniform entails you choosing or designing a uniform, and then purchasing them, once, in the sizes you require. Keep in mind that once you buy a uniform, the management and implementation is completely up to you and your employees. Keeping them in clean, repaired order is up to you or your employee.


Another option in uniform services is leasing. A cross between renting and buying, leasing work uniforms requires you and your employees to launder and care for the uniforms on your own. However, changes in sizing, along with repairs and replacements, are all taken care of by your uniform company.


When it comes to convenience and ease, renting is probably the most popular option in uniform services. Your uniform company will take care of all sizing, weekly laundering, repairs, maintenance and replacements. Basically, you get a weekly delivery of freshly laundered and pressed uniforms, and someone to call when there is a problem.