Choosing Medical Scrubs Colors at Your Hospital

If you are getting ready to upgrade the hospital uniforms dress code at your hospital and are ordering new medical scrubs, you may be wondering what specific colors might be best. While colors do help distinguish different roles, you need to also consider the implied meaning behind various colors from your employees’ and patients’ perspectives.

1. Purple

female nurse in medical clinic.

Many hospitals are switching to purple scrubs because they are very trendy right now. There are various shades like lavender and eggplant. The color represents strength and is often associated with royalty. Patients find the color appealing, as well, because it is something different than the green and blue scrubs they normally see.

2. Red

Red scrubs are perfect for hospital administration, laboratory, and pharmacy employees. Lighter shades like pink can uplift patients’ spirits, especially with younger female children. Darker shades like burgundy can have a calming effect on patients.

3. White

White is a very traditional color that hospitals used to use to indicate cleanliness. Yet, white shows every little splatter of blood and other bodily fluids quite easily. White lab coats are acceptable when combined with a colored scrubs or when they are frequently changed and kept clean.

4. Yellow

This color signifies positivity and happiness. It can also represent sunlight. The best places to use yellow scrubs in the hospital are in pediatric care areas and hospice care areas. Patients in these areas find the color uplifting.

5. Black

Black can be slimming and is a popular and trendy color in the fashion industry. Black is suitable in educational settings and is commonly worn by medical students. It is also appropriate in hospital settings in labs, pharmacies, or administrative areas.

6. Blue

Confident young handsome man in scrubs working at hospital as an intern

Blue is a very common scrub color choice because blue tends to have a calming and soothing effect that helps to relax patients. If you are going to stick with blue, consider a new shade. For instance, if you currently use light blue scrubs, you could try dark blue instead.

7. Green

Green scrubs are another very commonly used color. Green is associated with peacefulness and tranquility. Patients liken this color to healing, too, since it helps lower blood pressure and is calming on the eyes. Just like our tip about blue scrubs, if you are already using green scrubs, consider switching to a new shade of green.

8. Brown

Brown is another color that can work nicely for certain hospital staff. Brown scrubs can be appropriate for janitorial and maintenance positions in hospital settings since it does hide stains well.

9. Orange

Orange is a popular scrub color with younger millennials. It signifies creativity, encouragement, and determination. Orange is an ideal color for medical employees who interact with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients since it helps promote increased mental activity.

10. Tan

Tan is another color that is well-suited for maintenance, janitorial, and cafeteria employees. It also helps hide most dirt, dust, and food splatters.

Choosing the right medical scrubs colors for your hospital provides you with many different options. In the end, there are no right or wrong colors. As such, it can be beneficial to get feedback from your employees about what colors they like.

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