Whether you produce electronics, medical equipment, or pharmaceuticals, the safety and quality of your products depend on them being produced and assembled in cleanrooms. Unsurprisingly, a cleanroom’s functionality depends on it being free from dust, microbes, aerosol particles, and other contaminants.

One of the only ways to achieve this is by closely regulating anything that enters a cleanroom to prevent contamination. For those who work in cleanrooms, cleanroom protective clothing is a crucial element to keep their environment contaminant-free.

What Is Cleanroom Protective Clothing?

One of the main cleanroom requirements calls for special protective clothing to prevent contamination.

There are various types of cleanroom clothing that offer varying degrees of protection, including hair nets, bouffant caps, and hoods for the head; aprons, frocks, and coveralls for the body; and shoe coverings or boots for the feet. Cleanroom face masks, goggles, and gloves are also important in maintaining a clean environment while also providing protection for workers who may need to handle cleanroom rated items.

What to Consider When Choosing Cleanroom Protective Clothing

There are several things to consider when choosing cleanroom protective clothing, but before this can be done it is crucial that you check the protective clothing standards and understand the category in which your business falls.

Cleanroom Protective Clothing Standards

ISO 14664 is the current international standard for cleanrooms. It outlines 10 classes of clothing and the frequency at which they should be changed.

ISO 1 (the highest standard) recommends a full body covering including an inner suit worn under coveralls, a bouffant cap, face mask and goggles, boot covers, and a hood. These items must be changed every time the cleanroom is entered, as leaving the cleanroom will compromise the cleanliness of the attire. An example of an ISO 1 cleanroom is that used by the European Space Agency to examine electronic sensors that will be sent to Mars.

For ISO 8, on the other hand, the recommendation is only a bouffant cap, frock, gloves, shoe covers, and a face mask that can be changed twice a week. An example of an ISO 8 cleanroom is one that can be used to assemble electronics.

Disposable vs. Reusable Protective Clothing

NFPA 70E FR Cleanroom Gowns

Once you’ve determined the level of protective clothing needed according to the appropriate  cleanroom guidelines, you’ll need to choose between purchasing disposable or reusable protective clothing.

Disposable cleanroom attire is convenient and effective in preventing contamination; however, it can be costly due to the process involved in breaking down and disposing of the materials used, as well as the costs involved in constantly buying more cleanroom PPE.

Reusable protective clothing is an excellent option when considering costs and comfort.  Not only are they much better for the environment, but they are also more durable and can reduce costs in the long run.

Wearability and Worker Comfort

The fit of the garments and comfortability should also be considered when choosing the appropriate protective clothing. Cleanroom clothing should not be so tight as to restrict movement, but should also not be too large; otherwise, there is the risk of skin or hair particles escaping through the gaps.

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