Placing a logo on your employee work uniforms can make a significant impact on your business as a whole but, all too often, business owners focus so much on getting their logos applied that some important considerations can be missed.

Some Reasons for Adding a Logo

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You may have been thinking about adding your company logo onto your uniforms for one or several reasons.


Branding is one of the most popular reasons to add a logo; the more frequently a customer can see this visual representation of your business, the more likely they’ll think of you first the next time they need a product or service—and you can’t put a price on a loyal customer.

Social Media

A majority of businesses have a social media presence and, for companies with more than one social media channel, a logo ties everything together. No matter which channels their customers happen to use, a logo instantly identifies that they’re in the right place.

Team Unity

Although it may not seem as though a small image like a logo could bring people together, studies have shown that identifiers like logos bring cohesiveness to work teams. Ultimately, cohesiveness within a team leads to higher morale and productivity, benefiting your bottom line.

Confusion with Customers

In observing the daily operation of your business, assessing customer behavior is crucial. If they seem to be having trouble locating your employees when they need help, chances are that’s because your employees look too much like your customers. A logo will help your employees stand out.

Complex Business Name

Some company names simply aren’t easily recalled by customers. As well, images tend to be easier for people to remember due to the simplicity of images vs. the complexity of text. These are both great reasons to add a logo to your uniforms.

Consider These Important Points Before Adding a Logo

Before you add a logo to your uniform, think about the uniform itself. Is it out of date or looking older than it should? If so, visualize what you’d like your uniform to look like, including color.

Brands, Fabrics, and Features

Next, consider what you need in terms of brands, fabrics, and features. For example, employees may value Scrub brand uniforms or moisture-wicking fabrics over rip resistance.

Get Employees’ Ideas

The best way to know what your employees want or need is to ask them. After all, they’re the ones who’ll be spending each work day in their uniforms, so they know better than anyone what does and doesn’t work for them.

Call a meeting and encourage employees to submit their ideas. Add an element of fun by making it a contest with great prizes for the winners.

Tips for Logo Placement

Once you’ve decided to begin the logo placement process, there will be other considerations to make.

Your logo should be placed in a unique spot that is always easy for existing and potential customers to see and that will grab attention. On the sleeve is a good example. You may also consider the logo placement on other garments and accessories like company jackets, pants, and hats.

The Benefits of Professional Logo Services

As a business owner, you already have to wear several hats, and you may simply not be an expert at logo placement or design. Also, being so passionate and involved with your business, your logo and its placement may not be at the top of your priority list.

A professional logo services company can reveal how to make your logo work with your uniform and your business goals. They understand the functionality of logos and will put their time and experience into ensuring your logo will have the most impact.

You’re Ready to Add Your Logo. What’s Next?

Little else makes your business stand out, brings cohesiveness to your team, or contributes to your success quite like professional logo placement.

Prudential Overall Supply has been benefiting businesses with top-quality uniforms, materials, and workmanship for 90 years. This long history has allowed us to gain the valuable experience needed to provide branding services that businesses like yours benefit from most.

What Prudential Can Do for You

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If you don’t have a logo or it’s time to upgrade an existing one, the skilled design team at Prudential will work with you to bring this element of your business to life.

The Right Files

We know that, where it comes to any logo, file type matters. For example, some image types simply don’t translate well when they are embroidered. As well, the poor resolution of an image can make resizing a nightmare.

Our team can help you with all of this and more; not only do we know which logo elements work best on social media, but we can design different custom logo versions for different applications.

Uniform Matching

If it’s time for new uniforms, the Prudential team can even help you find the perfect match between your work uniform and your logo.

Complete Printing Services

Prudential also offers uniform logo printing services. Whether you choose to have your logo printed onto your uniforms or prefer direct embroidery, we’ll ensure your logo looks exactly how you want it to look. Prudential’s history, experience, and commitment to quality make it the right choice for businesses wanting to harness the full power of their logos. Visit us to learn more about our Logo Identity Program.