Designing a Custom Work Uniform

If you’re trying to use your company’s work uniform as part of your branding or marketing strategy, you may find that you want to customize or personalize them once you’ve bought the initial uniforms. If that is the case, keep a few important things in mind while designing your uniforms.

Keep Your Employees in Mind

Whether or not you plan on asking your employees their opinions concerning the work uniforms they will be wearing is up to you. But regardless, you should keep their needs and job description in mind before customizing any work clothing. Some companies require their employees to all wear a matching shirt or jacket, while others insist on complete uniformity throughout their entire look. This is, of course, at your discretion. But you should be mindful of your employees, as well as a big variety of body shapes and sizes, when planning things like logo placement, fabrics, v-necks, and more.

Decide on Any Variation

Before customizing or designing your work uniforms, consider whether or not you’re going to include any variations. Are women and men going to wear the same uniform? Will there be a long and short sleeve version for different weather? Will you be offering scarves, caps, or gloves? Design all of your elements before finalizing any purchases.Consult a Qualified Uniform Manufacturer

Your company’s image, as well as your employees’ ability to properly do their jobs, may very well rest on the uniforms you order. This is not the time to settle for just any uniform company. Research your uniform services well, and ask their opinion about things like fabric selection and color combinations.