Do Disinfectant Foggers Work Against COVID-19?

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Yes, disinfectant foggers for COVID-19 can help sanitize your facility and provide protection. Coronaviruses can remain suspended in the air and last on surfaces. The risk of infection from surface contact is low compared to breathing in virus particles. However, touching a contaminated surface and then your face can lead to a person becoming infected.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC) has recommended cleaning surfaces directly with soap and water, or a spray or wipe applied detergent, registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (the EPA). Soap and water are often enough to remove SARS-CoV-2. Fogging may also be considered, depending on the circumstances.

What Is a Disinfectant Fogger?

Foggers release chemicals into the air, where they stay suspended. Unlike individual liquids, wipes, or disinfectant sprays, a fogger is an aerosolizing device that releases a fog or mist. Although adequate ventilation is suggested for safety, aerosolized solutions will stay in the air longer if the area isn’t well ventilated.

How Do Disinfectant Foggers Work?

Disinfection eliminates any remaining germs on surfaces after a thorough cleaning. Foggers are most effective when used with chemicals such as quaternary ammonium, hydrogen peroxide, and other products on the EPA’s List N. Always follow the directions on the product label and, if using a particular chemical, make sure the label indicates the product is suited for fogging before use.

CDC Recommendations

The CDC recommends cleaning high-touch surfaces regularly, at least daily. If a room or building is occupied by young children and/or people who don’t follow mask-wearing guidelines, wash their hands, or cover coughs and sneezes, more frequent cleaning is suggested. Since many disinfectants can irritate the skin, eyes, and airways, the CDC says devices such as foggers should be:

  • Used only by professionals
  • Used per manufacturer instructions regarding contact time and safety
  • Used only when rooms are unoccupied
  • Applied with safety measures, including masks, gloves, and other personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Implemented carefully around children’s play or food preparation areas

Fogging and other disinfection methods, according to the CDC, should be considered if a person who tests positive for or is sick with COVID-19 has been in the space:

  • Less than 24 hours ago
  • More than 24 hours ago if:
    • The rate of community transmission is high.
    • Few people are wearing masks.
    • There is poor hand hygiene.
    • The space is occupied by individuals with a high risk of severe illness.

Per the CDC, disinfection methods beyond regular cleaning are not necessary if it’s been more than three days since a person sick or diagnosed with COVID-19 has been present in a space.

How to Use a Disinfectant Fogger for COVID Safely

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Only the person applying the fogger should be present at the time while wearing PPE. The person should leave the room when the process is completed. The CDC also recommends opening windows and doors, to air the space out, and leaving the area vacant for as long as the product label/device instructions indicate.

Any chemical residue left behind should be removed before people enter the room, whether wiped, rinsed, or otherwise indicated by the label. If using a fogger in a food preparation area, use compounds that are approved for use with food contact surfaces. Cleaning and janitorial staff should also be trained on how to safely and effectively apply disinfectant.

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