Food Service Uniforms: A Buyer’s Guide

You wouldn’t go skiing in a bikini, or swimming in cowboy boots. So why would you (or your employees) jump behind the line or get on the floor without the proper work uniforms? Here’s a look at some of the must-have uniform and accessory items you need to include when arranging for uniform services:


Disposable and dishwashing gloves are essential for any kitchen where food is prepped, cooked, or served. You can find specialized versions that will resist the hot water that’s essential for proper dishwashing. If your establishment butchers its own meat or works with specialty knives, you can also find cut-resistant gloves made with Kevlar or stainless steel mesh.

Aprons and Smocks

Bib aprons, dishwasher aprons, and smocks are another important part of work uniforms for food service workers. Not only do they keep the uniforms you provide cleaner and newer, but they also provide the necessary pockets and protection needed by your line cooks, dishwashers, preppers, and servers.

Chefs Jackets

Used by chefs, prep cooks, and line cooks in the kitchen, chefs jackets come in several different styles. Most come with special pockets for things like food thermometers and tongs.

Hats and Scarves

Keeping things like sweat and hair out of your customers’ food is essential to keeping your doors open! Include hats, scarves, caps, berets and chefs hats in your restaurant’s uniform policy, to keep things safe and sanitary.