How to Accessorize a Work Uniform


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One of the most difficult things for women to accomplish is to turn a company uniform into a personal fashion statement. The tighter the limitations are on the colors and styles they are permitted to wear, the more challenging individualization can be. In spite of being strict about the actual garments that employees wear, many companies are less demanding when it comes to accessorizing. You may be surprised at how some subtle changes or attention-getting additions can give women’s work clothes the little something extra to set them apart from the rest.

Breaking Free from Black on Black

How to Accessorize a Work Uniform

Nothing can make you feel more confined than wearing the same color from the neck to your ankles. One way to break up the look of all-black, blue, or any other solid color is with brightly colored accessories. Uniform shirts are often tucked in, giving you the perfect canvas for a brightly colored belt. The great thing about black is that you can choose from any color or pattern that you want. Although it will be perfectly matched, it won’t blend in. The strip of color around the waist will break up the length of solid color and give your uniform more shape, too.

More places to add color include your feet or hair. All kinds of shoes come in bright colors and fun styles that let you express yourself. You can also build a wardrobe of colorful hairbands that coordinate with the style and color of your uniform store. These accessories are not only the perfect companions to add color and style to a drab uniform; they also offer you unlimited options to mix-up your look whenever you want to wear something new.

Changes in Texture

Even those companies that are strict on keeping your uniform in a solid color from head to toe allow a little wiggle room for making your uniform more stylish. When you visit the uniform store, don’t get hung-up on the same style. Look for tops and bottom that have special detailing that make them look more stylish. This may include pockets, pleats, fasteners, or carefully placed seams. You can also choose from wide leg, straight leg, and other types of pant legs that will give you an entirely different silhouette.

Something else to look for are uniform pieces made from different fabrics and textures. A waffle-weave top looks a lot different than one that is smoothly woven. Different textures reflect the light differently and add new life to the same style and color. To think about the impact of texture on a garment’s appearance, compare a short, straight black skirt in wool, velvet, and leather. They may be the same style and color, but the differences in texture makes each look completely unique.

Add Bling

Every woman knows the difference that the right piece of jewelry can make. When it comes to dressing up a solid uniform so that you look more like a fashionista than a clone, it may take several pieces to get the right results. You can stick with metallic jewelry in the same tone and add earrings, necklace, and bracelets that will give your look cohesiveness and increase interest. Jewelry made from multi-colored stones and gems can also make a fashion statement.

Changes in Texture

Every woman has options to make her uniform more stylish, regardless of the limitations she has to work with. It all starts with a great selection of quality women’s work clothes. To learn more about our selection of quality uniforms, contact us today at 800-767-5536.