How to Implement a New Uniform Program

Having your employees wear official uniforms improves the image of your organization and can offer industry-specific protection from workplace hazards. If your business is implementing a new uniform program, these tips will help with business planning and employee compliance.

Changing at Work

Implementing any new policy requires change management for a successful transition. Working with your employees in a step-by-step way will make clear the benefits to the company and to the workers.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Announce Early and Gather Feedback

Portrait of a team of paramedics

The first time your team hears about their new uniforms should be before they arrive or the work uniform rental truck pulls up to the building. Send a first announcement or talk directly to employees about the upcoming policy change and, if possible, ask your team these questions:

  • What is good and bad about the existing uniform policy or lack of one?
  • What protective clothing options would be useful in their position?
  • The rental uniform company will schedule a fitting for all employees – this will need to be scheduled approximately 30 days in advanced of the first delivery..

Review Feedback and Document Company Policy

Once the ideas and preferences of your team are known, along with any industry requirements regarding work clothing, document the new policy in writing so that employees know when it starts and what to expect. Small business owners might prefer to hold a team meeting to confirm the details.

Choose Between the Best Uniform Supply Companies

With a clear picture of which work uniforms will be suitable, review available suppliers based on price, speed of delivery, protective apparel options available, and available rental or leasing alternatives. Deciding between buying or renting is often a first step.

  • Buying uniforms may be more cost-effective in the long run if you have the facilities to launder and store an inventory of sizes for immediate replacement.
  • Renting uniforms entails a lower start-up cost and provides convenient delivery, laundering, and replacement of garments due to normal wear and tear.
  • Plan for higher initial and replacement costs for OEM automotive work uniforms and flame-resistant uniforms compared to standard uniforms.

Budget Time for Transition

The day your new policy begins, plan for some additional employee time to be spent opening, trying on, and storing their new uniforms. This might be a great opportunity to provide snacks and take some group photos in those brand-new work clothes.

Circle Back to Your Team

Mechanics at work

In the first few weeks of wearing their uniforms, you and your employees will learn what is working well and what isn’t. Circling back to fine-tune or improve an existing policy is one of the foundations of successful change management. Keep what works well and change anything that is causing a problem for your team or your bottom line.

Buying or Renting Work Uniforms for Your Team

Making the change to official uniforms or even matching work shirts can improve team unity and the public’s perception of your business. Prudential Overall Supply has all the work uniforms, fire-resistant gear, and automotive coveralls your business requires. Customization is optional, and we have rental, lease, or buy programs that will fit your budget perfectly.  Browse options or contact us today for more information and the comprehensive package of services you need.