Lab Coat Considerations for Women

From hospitals and schools, to research labs and pharmacies, lab coats are being used in more work environments than ever before. A lab coat provides a barrier between you and chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and other substances you’d rather not have all over you. But when it comes to quality work uniforms, all lab coats are not created equally. Many women simply opt for the exact same lab wear as their male counterparts, assuming that it will fit just fine. The reality is, women’s bodies are different than men’s, which means that they have their own set of considerations when it comes to choosing a lab coat.

Know Your Dress Code

Before shopping for a lab coat to suit your needs, make sure you know what the rules and regulations are at your job, hospital, lab, or school. No matter how cute and trendy, if your work clothing doesn’t conform to professional standards, you won’t be able to wear it.


It can be easy to opt for the most affordable lab coat you can find. But that plan won’t pay off in the long run, if you have to replace it often. Also, cheaper lab coats made entirely out of polyester aren’t very breathable or comfortable. Stick with cottons and cotton blends, which also have the added benefit of being easy to clean.

Fit In

If you’re lucky enough to work for a company that offers uniform services (or if you’re willing to shop around more than once) then swap out your coat for a new one whenever fit or function change. Women tend to fluctuate in weight more than men, so don’t be afraid to switch sizes as needed.